Logo Design

A logo design concept for the city Kyoto in Japan. This logo was developed to promote the city and encourage tourism. The logo ideally would be printed on merch that would be placed in souvenir shops. This logo was a Bronze Addy award winner for Inland Empire’s 2017 competition.

Branding & Package Design

A package design concept. The logo, color palette and packaging were designed to create a well developed cosmetic branding concept. The logo and color palette would ideally be used on the conceptual brand’s cosmetic packaging placed in department stores and other locations where cosmetic products are sold.

Branding & Package Design

Another package design concept developed for a conceptual brewery. The logo palette and slogan, “Fetchingly Good Brew” were developed to be printed on all of the brand’s packaging. These brewery products would be ideally placed in novelty brew shops.

Branding & Web Design

A full branding of a Redlands based kitchen exhaust maintenance company in collaboration with Ramiro Rivera. The logo, color palette and slogan, “Don’t Be A Schmuck Call The Duck” and marketing content were developed and placed on all of the brand’s marketing materials. Furthermore, a fully responsive website was designed that functions fluidly on multiple browsing platforms. 

Marketing Campaign & Material Layout

A comprehensive layout of promotional materials was designed using marketing content and pre-designed logo and palette from the 

well-known H2Love special interest organization. All of these materials were designed and developed for a conceptual campaign that would ideally increase awareness to the organizations mission.

Poster, Flyer, Menu Design & More

A compilation of promotional and menu signage designed and 

developed to function across multiple print and digital platforms for my current employer, a global corporate food service corporation.  This 

includes station signage ,menu flyers, posters, as well as digital menu

 displays and special promotion campaigns.