Branding & Web Design

Project Summary:  

In this project I developed a solid and seamless brand identity that will be recognizable to the prospects and clients of Duct Crawlers, Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning. This included the development of a Logo, Color Palette, Website, Social Media page re-branding; as well as their content and print deliverables that would work together to enable an efficient Marketing plan and its execution.


Target Audience:  

Duct Crawlers is a Kitchen Exhaust cleaning company that specializes in the routine safety maintenance required by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection’s Office of The State Fire Marshal for commercial kitchens. The targets are Maintenance directors and other professionals related to the responsibility of locating and contracting the qualified specialists and services required to maintain

 specific facility equipment to keep up with state safety standards.


Desired Message & Tone:  

Message: INTEGRITY. Duct Crawlers are passionate about their work because they know its importance in providing a safe environment for commercial kitchen employees, their consumers and

 surrounding neighborhoods. 


Tone: HONESTY.Duct Crawlers aren’t afraid to get dirty. The work is hard and they aren’t afraid to tell their clients the truth about safety.


Look and Feel:  

Duct Crawlers will push boundaries for corporate standards in regards to visual

 communication. Greasy, Distressed and Bold about it!

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