Marketing Campaign & Material


Project Summary:

This project was focused on the Metropolitan district’s incentive to motivate consumers to conserve water usage for both in and out of the home. I used the provided, branded materials to compose four different products that will deliver information to individuals in a comprehensive layout on behalf of the H2Love Advertising Campaign.

Target Audience:

My goal was to target the general public.The idea is to enlighten those who may not be aware of the gravity of our risk for further drought, while informing avid environmentalists of new ways to continue protecting our water resources.

Desired Message & Tone:

The message was intended to be one that encourages individuals to appreciate and protect our water resources. This was done by delivering ideas for simple methods of participation that can be practiced daily, in a tone that is compassionate, enlightening and informative.

Look and Feel:

The image of all materials was branded with the fun and eco-centric look provided by the H2Love Advertising Campaign.  I organized all content in a format that allows for maximum impact through visual identity that will grab the attention of broad audiences. This would hopefully influence the target to immerse further into the information being delivered by the client, ultimately leaving observers with an enthusiastic sense of consideration for water consumption and its impact globally.

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