Logo Design

Project Summary:  

This project was focused on the design of promotional materials for a city looking to attract tourism. The city I selected for promotion was Kyoto,Japan.

Project Research:  

I researched a variety of cities across the world and Kyoto caught my eye. As a design and marketing student, with a major rooted in art concentration, Kyoto appealed to me. A gorgeous ancient city in Japan, prestiged as” Home of the Geisha”. Geisha’s were the first ladies of Humanities. Exceeding the expectations of the average hostess, these women were well versed in all of the Humanities and Arts. Kyoto is destination filled with ancient calligraphy, illustration, architecture, dance, agriculture, fashion design, music, culinary expertise and countless other genres of art that were demonstrated by these skilled women on a daily basis. 


Target Audience:  

The ideal audience for these promotional materials would be active tourists who have a strong interest in food, history and cultural art. 


Desired Message & Tone:  

Kyoto is a city with an interesting and strong cultural background. This city birthed the first generation of Geishas. With well established traditions and culture; The city has much to offer in terms of cuisine, art, as well as historical structures and national parks.


Look and Feel:  

The design was aimed to be culturally accurate, modern and fun. 

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