Branding & Package Design

Project Summary: 

In this project I  developed a new creative package design for Laughing Dog Brewery that will expand the company’s possibilities for product placement 

and overall target market.


Target Audience: 

Marketing concepts will target individuals over 21 years of age interested in 

exploring their pallet through craft brew. These individuals are adventurous, fun, outgoing and have a taste for novelty in their product selection. 

Desired Message & Tone: 

Laughing Dog Beer brewery offers a variety of fun and unique blends. 

The message and tone will be one that is inviting, warm and friendly, while 

maintaining its overall image of product sophistication. 

Look and Feel: 

Encased in a mason jar, the packaging will resemble the old beer stein that 

is popular amongst craft brew lovers. The labeling will be inspired by 

vintage brew designs ,but carried out with a contemporary twist.

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